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Welcome to the BrandonZone!

Which of these art styles would you say appeals to you more? 

55 deviants said Somewhat more realistic ones Return of the Cobra Ninja by DaBrandonSphere Dressed for China by DaBrandonSphere
16 deviants said Cartoony/exaggerated proportions (e.g. big Disney-style eyes, lower waist/hip ratio) Nefertiti the Trap Queen by DaBrandonSphere Hypatia in Cartoon Style by DaBrandonSphere
4 deviants said Other


All right, so a heterosexual is sexually attracted to the opposite sex, a homosexual to the same sex, and a bisexual to both sexes. I know some people these days identify as "pansexual", and that's their right, but I'm not sure how that's different from bisexuality. The closest thing I can imagine to a significant difference between bi- and pansexuality is that pansexuality might include attraction to the rare "intersex" or "androgynous" individuals who are physically intermediate between male and female. In other words, pansexuality sounds like attraction to male, female, and intersex individuals rather than simply male and female. Is that close to the mark?

I should add that I'm talking strictly about attraction as it relates to biological sex, not psychological gender. There are transgender people who psychologically identify with the opposite sex, but most of those still have a male or female body before getting an operation. It's simply that their neurological "sex" (what we call gender) is mismatched with their biological sex. Thereby, a heterosexual man could theoretically be attracted to a transman as long as the latter still looked physically like a woman, because he's reacting to her physical sex rather than how she identifies mentally. So I see sexual orientation as responding more to biological sex than psychological gender.


Offering digital character art for $10
Roman Legatus by DaBrandonSphere
Hollywood Honey by DaBrandonSphere
For $10 each, I will produce a digitally colored, full-body sketch of any singular character you desire. Humans, animals, and fantasy creatures in any kind of pose are all acceptable, though anything pornographic will have to be turned down (this isn't a porn site). Each character will have a gradient background of any colors you want. Fan art and fan-created characters are also acceptable, though I'd prefer to draw the character in my own style rather than copy the original's (for you anime fans out there). So ask away via private notes and show me the monies! If you don't have DA points, PayPal will suffice.

(Will add an example of what I can draw for you later.)


Brandon S. Pilcher
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm an amateur artist and writer who has a B.A. in Biological Anthropology from the University of California in San Diego.



Leicester's Roman skeletons have "African links"

Well the Empire did cover a lot of territory across three continents...
Moana is among the best Disney movies I've ever seen, and not just in recent years. It does start off with a traditional "headstrong princess rebelling against her conservative father" narrative, but otherwise it doesn't stick too closely to the stereotypical Disney formula, and towards the end it even subverts it in a beautiful way. Of course, the novelty and gorgeousness of the ancient Polynesian-based setting made the experience all the richer.

The Beauty and the Beast reboot trailer that came with it, barely looks like anything more than a live-action regurgitation of the animated original. In the past, Disney reboots at least tried to change the narrative and tone relative to the source material (e.g. The Jungle Book), but I'm not seeing that this time. So I don't have high hopes for that one.
The way things are looking tonight, the next 4-8 years are going to be long and painful...
I had a dream about dinosaurs with glowing bio-luminescent patches on their hides, a bit like the creatures in James Cameron's Avatar. I don't think there's any way to indicate this from the fossil record, and it may not make for practical camouflage. But it would still look totally cool in my opinion.
Random idea: intelligent chameleons! I dunno how intelligent chameleons are by reptile standards, but they're arboreal and have opposable digits like early human ancestors. If one lineage of them were to grow human-like intelligence and craft tools, they could form the basis of a lizard-folk race.


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New Boxing Character Line Up
DaBrandonSphere Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
To be honest, I am not all that interested in boxing. But I've already taken a look at both of them and left a comment on one, if it helps.
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Though I gotta ask out of curiosity. While you might have heard this more than once, did Ancient Egyptians really look that black? I mean surely you've heard of the infamous "we wuz kingz" meme...
DaBrandonSphere Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

That meme is the product of stupid 4chan racists. While there is some creative license going into my art, I do believe ancient Egyptians were primarily dark-skinned Northeast Africans (albeit, they would have assimilated other groups from both the Mediterranean and Sudanic regions through trade and imperial expansion). I would say groups like the Beja and other northern Sudanese, Somalis, some of the Ethiopians, etc. would make their best modern proxies, as would some darker-skinned Egyptians today (e.g. people like this guy).
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Possibly, but I'm not really a free requests guy anymore. You could commission me to draw one of them for $10 though.
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I understand.
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